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5 Things You Should Avoid Doing to Keep Your Hair Extensions Healthy

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Take good care of your hair extensions to keep them looking healthy and to protect your own hair from damage. Here are a few things you must avoid to get the most out of your hair extensions.

#1 Do not wash your hair within 48 hours of your hair extensions application. This will give the bonds time to set properly and reduce the chances of them sliding off.

#2 Avoid washing your hair daily. Unlike your hair, your hair extensions do not benefit from the natural oils from your scalp. washing them too often can cause them to look dry quickly

#3 Do not use products containing sulphate on your hair extensions. Shampoos containing sulphate will quickly strip your hair extensions of its sheen.

#4 Never go to bed with wet or damp hair. Your hair extensions will tangle and become quite unruly. Ensure that your hair is properly dried prior to going to bed.

#5 Do not leave your hair extensions in for longer than the recommended time. The new growth beneath the bonds of your hair extensions may start to mat which may lead to breakage.

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