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Best Hair Extensions Method

There are differing opinions on what the best hair extensions method is. We believe that the best method for each individual may vary since each hair extension technique has pros and cons. In addition, there are several issues to consider including the condition of your hair, texture and lifestyle.


This is one of the oldest available methods of hair extensions application. Keratin tipped hair extensions are applied to tiny sections of your own hair. Heat is applied to the keratin tip of the hair extensions after which it is molded to the wearer’s hair.

Tape Hair Extensions

Tape extensions come in 2.5 inch width pieces. Two pieces of pre-bonded hair extensions are applied to sectioned pieces of your own hair. This is currently one of the quickest hair extensions methods available.

Micro Links

Also known as micro bead extensions, this hair extension method does not involve any adhesive. Tiny sections of your own hair will be attached to stick tip (also known as i-tip extensions) using links or beads.


This method of hair extension is considered protective styling since the portion of hair that is cornrowed (a form of braiding) is not combed for the duration of the wear. Hair extension wefts are sewn unto cornrows /braids on the wearer’s hair.

Micro Weft

This method is similar to the sew-in due to the use of wefted hair extensions but is a great option for people who find cornrows uncomfortable. The hair extensions wefts are attached to the hair using micro beads.

If you are unsure of what hair extensions method to go with, please contact us to schedule a free consultation. After analyzing your hair, we will inform you of our recommendation.

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